Information of Web Novel

What is Web Novel?

First You must read this(Light Novel Information). because Light Novel and Web Novel is a coin on the different side.

it is simmiliar but different.

first lemme give you an example. in this case Overlord. this series if you search in it give 2 series.

  1. Overlord (LN)
  2. Overlord (WN)

note: If you have read both of it no need to read rest of the article. because there’s no need explanation

this make no sense why the author is sooooo diligent making 2 version of the same version?

well i read both of the novel and there is BIG difference.

After research, The Web Novel is like Blue Print of the LN. Before LN born author with no money have to make WN.Why? because they got no popularity!!

After some Web Novel got popularity or some Corporation interested in publishing the literature work then WN evolved into LN. btw many of author in japan is writing in this site if you no need TL chapter from translator come to these site and read the RAW chapter.

unfortunately I can’t read those RAW waited for TL chapter.

skythewood is a good translator until the f**king yenpress taking the royalty of Overlord LN novel so skythewood stopping translating it.

well this is out of topic ( ゚ヮ゚).

lets compare both LN and WN

  1. LN got good grammar than the WN (payed editor no need to ask)
  2. some useless plot in WN is deleted in LN (Obviously we only need the good stuff ( ̄ω ̄)/)
  3. there Ilustrated in LN ( this is premium stuff. eg. look at ilustrated our big bro skythewood make, its heaven and earth not ridicule him at least he try his best)
  4. LN has a chance to be adapted to Anime by Production house (in this case MadHouse), while WN has no chance


Web Novel is a baby and Light Novel is a matured teen.

one sentence is enough.(>人<)

If there any Question to this article please ask in comment section below so i can update it and be more detailed.



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