Information of Light Novel

What is Light Novel?

the First Light Novel is Born In Japan. The Target Market of Light novel obviously is teenager in middle school or highschool.

There’s many question what is the difference between Light Novel and ‘Normal Novel’? the answer is simple, Light novel is ‘Light’ it means even its lighter than normal novel in field grammar and plot the author use in the story. There’s almost no second meaning like the harry potter novel may have several meaning.

many of light novel is about romance because teenager genre first favorite. no one dislike love story ಠ⌣ಠ

But not all is not Love genre, I also love variation. but you get the gist of it. ◔ ⌣ ◔

and this is from wiki

They are typically not more than 40,000–50,000 words long, are rarely more than a few hundred pages, often have dense publishing schedules, are usually published in bunkobon size (A6, 10.5 cm × 14.8 cm), and are often illustrated, mostly with manga style art. The text is often serialized in anthology magazines before collection in book form.

example illustrated on SAO LN


SAO ilustrated LN

I recommend if you love read Light novel go to this is the best site for reading and get recommendation. Novel updates use user-user recommended system so the quality for recommendation is very high. and also there also review by other user and also star rank(1-5). One of feature i love in this site is when you reading a translated LN and add it to your reading list,if they get the update and re-color (any color you want) it . so you know you haven’t read that chapter.

Please Comment Below so i Can update this page to add more detail i forget.


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