[Game] Gensou no Idea ~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~


Title : Gensou no Idea ~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~
Original Title : 幻創のイデア~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~
Developer : 3rdEye
Anime : –
Manga : –
Prequel : –
Sequel : –
Release : 28-06-2013
Language : Japanese
Translator : –
Content : 18+
Level Hentai : Late Medium Hentai


The Night of Nagralfar occurred in 7 years ago
At the same time there are a big space opened in the sky, bringing the secondary disaster to the reality
…… from that day “aurora” had been appeared at the night sky

The part that was once called the capital of this country suffered a great blow because of the influence of the crustal deformation, but the urban function still usable to move this city, that function recovery had been progressed favorable
Now after 7 years the appearance was not too difference and the reconstruction had been continued

The protagonist who had been lived in the “New City” to regain the function as a city
The protagonist who still lived in the “Old city” that leaved scar marks

The coincidental fate encounter between two person, will meet the sad destiny that had been wait both of them

Source : 3rdEye

Name : Minase Yuuma (水瀬 優真)
Role : Protagonist
Description :

Name : Akashi (赫)
Role : Protagonist
Description :

Name : Nanami Naru (菜々実 なる)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :

Name : Shinomori Rinon (紫護 リノン)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :

Name : Kenzaki Noel (剣咲 ノエル)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :

Name : Kujou Mitsuki (九條 美月)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :

Name : Kokoro (ココロ)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :

Review :
No character’s description again ? yes, not just it is troublesome to translate and write but it can contain spoiler *tehe. The third product of 3rdEye with better character illustrations and interesting battle scenes. But let me said from the flaws, some bgms from this game is same like the previous one, the prologue can make you sleep if you didn’t take any interest from start, the content itself not too far from the previous in the other word is deep content. But what is the good side from this game ? double protagonist of course, normally a developer would be gladly to make a game with double or more protagonist if it had been created more than 5 game but this game is the third so it is a bold move.

The weapons, character’s background, how to make the 2 protagonist meet at the end of the game have a big gap from the previous and of course in a better way. This game would be a turning point to 3rdEye product in the future too. The route itself is not too hard, choose your favorite heroine or known your heroine in the prologue then enter the protagonist route that had been closed to your favorite heroine, but after that don’t make a cross route it will ruin the timeline of this game. If you enter Yuuma’s route then do it until the end before enter Akashi’s route or vice versa, but if you try to cross route after read the halfway of Yuuma’s route and enter Akashi’s route it will make a complex feeling. The true end will be open after you had been completed Akashi’s route and Yuuma’s route and from that point you will know the reason from The Night of Nagralfar itself.

The hentai scenes ? of course it still have but it doesn’t mean the protagonist will develop romance feeling. The true hentai scene that have romance feeling will be unlocked after completed The Night of Nagralfar story.


The reason you must read this :

  1. The fan of 3rdEye
  2. The fan of Aoba Ringo
  3. Love to read a game that have post-apocalypse genre
  4. Your favorite heroine have been determined after you seen the list itself
  5. The story pick up your interest

The reason you must not read this :

  1. You know where the end of story
  2. You don’t like a story that have less comedy (yes, this game have less comedy)
  3. The protagonist is not dense but it doesn’t mean that the heroine itself is aggressive
  4. magic, another being, unrealistic weapon, fantasy disaster is not your favorite

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