[Anime] Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records


Title : Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records
Original Title : ロクでなし魔術講師と禁忌教典
Type : TV
Genres : Action, Magic, Fantasy, School
Opening : Blow out by Konomi Suzuki
Ending : Precious You☆ by Sistine Fibel (Akane Fujita), Rumia Tingel (Yume Miyamoto), Re=L Rayford (Ari Ozawa)
Insert Song : –
Prequel : –
Sequel : –
Light Novel : Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records
Web Novel : –
Visual Novel : –
Manga : Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records
Release : Spring, 2017


A world where sorcery and science was co-existence, Ruvaforce. in the Magic Kingdom, Alzano Imperial’s southern capital, there was Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. The best place to learn about magic in the world. In the history of 400 years, this school had been a place where someone who want to walk in the road of magic give anything what he/she have to walk in there regards he/she was teacher or student. This school who have been train the students about magic have been visited by a substitute teacher, Glenn Radars. “I will give you all a lesson about the real magic”. A man who have been called as “good for nothing”, was started his class now.

Source : rokuaka.jp

Name : Glenn=Radars (グレン=レーダス)
Voice Actor : Soma Saito
Description :
Homeroom teacher of Alzano Imperial Magic Academy 2nd years Class 2. Motivation during class is zero, substitute teacher of 3rd rate of magician. Late coming and nap afternoon repeatedly,because of that he was lectured by Sistine. But when the students get involved in danger, he would used his true power ……. ?

Name : Sistine=Fibel (システィーナ=フィーベル)
Voice Actor : Akane Fujita
Description :
A student of Alzano Imperial Magic Academy 2nd years Class 2. A honored student that inherit a will from her grand father. She is called “White Cat” by Glenn because her silver hair, but she was vexing to her best friend Rumia that receive affection.

Name : Rumia=Tingel (ルミア=ティンジェル)
Voice Actor : Yume Miyamoto
Description :
A student of Alzano Imperial Magic Academy 2nd years Class 2. Because have a reason, she lived in her best friend Sistine’s home. She have a kind personality and strong heart, but in another side she always do mediate between Sistine and Glenn that make her like an adult.

Name : Riel=Rayford (リィエル=レイフォード)
Voice Actor : Ari Ozawa
Description :
A magician of Alzano Imperial Court Magicians Special Force, her codename is “Chariot”. Though she looked young, she can create a big sword and swing it with full force. Because a certain of responsibility, she had been transferred to a class that charged by Glenn as transferred student.

Name : Celica=Arfonia (セリカ=アルフォネア)
Voice Actor : Eri Kitamura
Description :

Name : Albert=Frazer (アルベルト=フレイザー)
Voice Actor: Hiroki Takahashi
Description :

Review :
If you have been read this series’s light novel or manga then you can grasp what will going happen in the anime, right ? Yes, mostly you would got the hype in 3 first episode. It adapted until small detail and can make you think, “Oh shit, it will be badass until episode 12”. But the reality is harsh, after the perfect adaption in 3 first episode the development become a little face than before. In the manga you can look how Albert and Riel swapped their position and escape from the pursuit and the way they do it is brilliant. But when that part got adapted, the pursuit part have been cut and only focus on Rumia. Oh well, because i too didn’t think the pursuit part is not too important except it is exciting. Then going again in Riel chapter, it make us think that Riel’s background only the side story from the anime and not only that, it give us nothing to feel. But when the last part got adapted, it become hype again but only a little. The reason is nothing than why we should expect the last part become more good when the last 2 part had been adapted halfway ? And how this anime got closed is more bad because at the last episode there are too much clue how this anime can get season 2 despite they didn’t plan it at first. After all bad side from this anime, there are more good side too. The role of teacher and it mean, how Glenn always do something that miraculous despite his disadvantage or how the best heroine always die first *ehem. Overall this anime got 7 of 10, because the character development is good but only halfway and the incident had been solved brilliantly though it pace is too weird. did this anime can make you watch again ? yes, of course. So don’t worry that this anime will not waste you hard disk capacity, trust my word


The reason you must watch this :

  1. Have deep meaning about magic than any magic genre anime before
  2. Though this anime is about the co-existence of magic and science, it is not too hard to watch like a certain of anime that have same concept
  3. If you want to see an anime that focused on school setting, then you got it
  4. The light novel and manga of this anime had been popular in Japan, so there is no reason not to trying to watch
  5. Afraid with the studio’s reputation ? don’t worry, the studio reputation is good as long as not adapted short anime though the quantity still low
  6. Hey look, the one who sing at the opening is Konomi Suzuki so why not ?

The reason you must not watch this :

  1. Sick about magic
  2. Have been read the light novel or manga but dropped in a certain volume or chapter
  3. The synopsis is good but the genre or the adaptation is not my prefer

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