[Game] Shinigami no Testament ~menuet of epistula~


Title : Shinigami no Testament ~menuet of epistula~
Original Title : 死神のテスタメント ~menuet of epistula~
Developer : 3rdEye
Anime : –
Manga : –
Prequel : –
Sequel : –
Release : 24-02-2012
Language : Japanese
Translator : –
Content : 18+
Level Hentai : Medium


In the far of the past—-

There was a grimoire, Epistula, that can grant any wish and a certain of person who have it to fulfill his wish, after that the era of people who have special ability had been come

But the people who have special ability can’t live too long and trying to escape from “the mysterious death”, so that existence become fade

At the same time, there was a rumor in the people about “seen the Death God (Shinigami)” and the people who have special ability had been taken by the Shinigami….

Then the time flow, whatever happen in this time become fade from their memories—-

And then this time. In the society, there was a serial killer incident that showed in the television, at the same time, “an urban legend” become a rumor in the people

—-One day, Asayama Rui find a student who have been go to the same school. That student vanished in the alley, and the scenery that he saw is —-

The existence of Shinigami who wear black cape in the bottom of moonshine

Source : 3rdEye

Name : Asayama Rui (浅山 瑠依)
Role : Protagonist
Description :

Name : Ichinose Yua (一ノ瀬 結愛)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :

Name : Takamiya Ayumu (鷹宮 歩)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :

Name : Mukougaoka Kana (向ヶ丘 夏奈)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :

Name : Irina E. Tolstaya (イリーナ・E・トルスタヤ)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :

Name : Vivi Alhazerd (ヴィヴィ・アルハザード)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :

Review :
Didn’t see the character description ? Yes because it is one of the 3rdEye game and it have big potential of spoiler. Did you have been read Blood Rondo ? if so, then don’t expect this game will same as the first. Shinigami no Testament have heavy text, heave situation and complex concept. This game’s true route will accompanied by 2 heroines. Our protagonist will have surprised plot twist in the heroine route that will be come out in true route. This game is very recommended if you want to find visual novel that have a good content and surprise development. is this content boring ? not too much, if you want to my recommendation just follow the story and abandon the heroines who didn’t support the story too much


The reason you must read this :

  1. The first excitement from 3rdEye game after their first failed product
  2. Have a nice plot twist and you can got accompanied by 2 heroine in true ending
  3. Our protagonist is not insensitive

The reason you must not read this :

  1. Heavy content, i mean it even still japanese and the kanji that used in this game is hard to read
  2. Sometime this game can make you sleep, yes it is caused by it heavy content
  3. The battle is not too long though the battle itself is interesting
  4. Try wrong route in the first time will make you stop playing this again

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