[Game] 9-nine Kokonotsu Kokonoka Kokonoiro


Title : 9-nine Kokonotsu Kokonoka Kokonoiro
Original Title : 9-nine-ここのつここのかここのいろ
Developer : Palette
Anime : –
Manga : –
Prequel : –
Sequel : –
Release : 28-04-2017
Language : Japanese
Translator : –
Content : 18+
Level Hentai : Flash medium hentai


Shiromitsugawa City

A city that doesn’t have anything except school city

It doesn’t have too much attraction to take attention to the tourist

But, in unexpected situation that city attract attention from outside people

A young man with a strong feeling of responsibility and can be relied on, Niimi Kakeru

Though with a round way of his words, he have a kind personality

While he is a normal student that have normal school life, Hakudatsukumo Shrine’s divine tool had been broken and make his life changed

In that situation, there are young men and young women that had been awakened with abnormal ability

He was lived normal in the city as a student who like a peace situation

Involved with the people who have awaken abnormal ability, his fate begin moved slowly

Source : Palette

Name : Nimi Kakeru (新海 翔)
Role : Protagonist
Description :
This game of protagonist. Shiromitsugawa school’s 2nd year student. Sometime do careless things but this young man have a strong feeling of responsibility. After know about the existence of the Artifact, together he was trying to find the perpetrators. According to Sophitia, he is Artifact user but that person itself didn’t aware about that and his power is unknown

Name : Kujou Miyako (九條 都)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :
Shiromitsugawa school’s 2nd year student. The protagonist’s classmate. She is the daughter of famous company, the real Ohime-sama. Clumsy and adorable Bishoujo. Sometime she have stupid look and she is popular in men and women.

Though she is a Ohime-sama that have much money, the person itself always said to saving the money. Have a personality of honored student and hesitate to act, she have a faith to the protagonist, sometime she was showing her other side as mischief person. She have a part time job in one of cafe that had been managed by her grandfather.

After she got a mysterious item, Artifact, she was awakened her abnormal ability, together with her strong feeling of justice, she was trying to solve the incident and find the perpetrators

Name : Nimi Sora (新海 天)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :
Shiromitsugawa school’s 1st year student. A little sister that have innocence face and can talk with anyone. Always invade the protagonist’s room, treated her food, do something as she like, but that is one of the sign of a good sibling

She always tease Miyako because her response is too simple. When she realize, her abnormal ability had been awakened and some~~what make a corporation with her older brother and Miyako

Name : Kousaka Haruka (香坂 春風)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :
The protagonist’s senpai. Have a timid personality. And a bishoujo that not too stand out…. that should be. With a certain of trigger, she got abnormally popular and surrounded as a queen. She began to like the protagonist who always concern her, but get jealously with Miyako who always friendly to the protagonist

Her true ability is unknown, but she didn’t hesitate to use her ability to other people

Name : Yuuki Noa (結城 希亜)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :
A mysterious girl who have much mysterious things and she was love the parfait

Review :
If i can said something that doesn’t spoil anything, that is this game was very short. It can’t be helped because it only have one episode (Miyako route only). The common route itself didn’t mean anything and can’t be a clue to the perpetrators. But this game is good and have a fresh dialogue though with it normal plot. The story development have high potential in the next release of this game (if it have of course) so don’t complain. Worth to read if you think unexpected development is a good way to pick your interest. And this is a secret between us, to enter Miyako route you must meet bad end and in the last moment you can make much guess about Kakeru’s ability


The reason you must read this :

  1. Fresh dialogue with cheerful little sister, caring classmate, mischief senpai and mysterious girl
  2. The protagonist have been voiced full, so it can make the story more merry

The reason you must not read this :

  1. Too short
  2. Still have much plot hole
  3. The ending can make you mad

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