[Game] Amatsutsumi


Title : Amatsutsumi
Original Title : アマツツミ
Developer : Purple Software
Anime : –
Manga : –
Prequel : –
Sequel : –
Release : 29-07-2016
Language : Japanese
Translator : –
Content : 18+
Level Hentai : Natural hentai on heavy


Makoto uses the power of “kotodama”, which means he can manipulate people with his voice.

Yearning for the outside world, he escaped the hidden village his family lived. Makoto knew nothing about the world, as he had never left the village since he was born. Thus, because he was not able to live by himself, he ended up collapsing on the street.

After he prepared to death, a girl who work on a cafe from that city, Origami’s girl shopkeeper, Oribe Kokoro, appear in front of him.

Using “kotodama” power, Makoto live together with Oribe family as a family in one roof.

After that, in the beginning of school life with Kokoro, he meets with girls that possess a various “memory”.

Could be Makoto help that girls with his “kotodama” ? and then what is the true power of “kotodama” ?

This is a word that spin, the story of their “bond”.

Source : Purple Software

Name : Makoto ()
Role : Protagonist
Description :
A young man who have a special power, Kotodama. His empathy to other people is low but basically he is a being good to other people. Because of his lifestyle to satisfied himself and his high power of houseworking, he can live long.

Name : Oribe Kokoro (織部 こころ )
Role : Main Heroine
Description :
A girl shopkeeper, “Origami”, that created by her mom. Have a great care and straight forward personality, but her ability to cooking is too bad. Her older brother, the protagonist, who make her heart throbbed, triggered her another side. “I will be Nii-san’s place to return”

Name : Asahina Kyouko (朝比奈 響子)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :
The protagonist’s classmate and shrine’s girl. She can see the spirits, in the other mean is the ghost, because the affect of that she is bad to other people. With the protagonist transferred as the trigger, her communication skill had been increased little by little. “It is because i have been stepped in to that world”

Name : Koizuka Mana (恋塚 愛)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :
For the protagonist she is a childhood friend and fiance. She too have Kotodama and the most stronger than another. She is very fond to the protagonist and sometime do sadist thing to him just to see his troubled face that she liked. “I am yours. You are mine”

Name : Minazuki Hotaru (水無月 ほたる)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :
She is the mood maker, can be friend to other people with easy using her high communication skill. From her normal statement, she is curious, but logically she will be the adviser as her role. Just to her only, Kotodama didn’t work. “You are still didn’t have any color”

Review :
Fuu, look what we got here. The newest product from Purple Software. This game is very recommended to any people who want a good story that have the true ending and didn’t have heavy topic. Amatsutsumi is not like general visual novel that have a decent protagonist who didn’t understand girl heart intentionally because this protagonist from beginning didn’t know human emotion. True ending is open from beginning and need 30 hour or so to do it without care other heroines. This game will give order timeline so after you reject a heroine, the story will go to the chapter. The funny thing from this is you can know the heroine’s past without enter her route and if you enter her route, mostly will be the after story except the true ending.

I forgot to tell you, why i write “Natural hentai on heavy” on level hentai ? it is because in every chapter you will meet hentai scene that triggered so natural and it is didn’t need to enter the route itself. The order to play is Kokoro -> Kyouko -> Mana -> Hotaru. i can promise you that this game is the best from other Purple Software’s game that you had been read before


The reason you must read this :

  1. Balance from funny moment and serious moment
  2. You didn’t need to think hard who will be the best heroine
  3. Supernatural power that didn’t need too much fighting scene
  4. Tearful moment will come to branching route

The reason you must not read this :

  1. Can’t stand with heavy hentai scene
  2. Expect good story but can’t stand with puzzle story
Positive Negative
The protagonist is dense because he didn’t know human emotion Too much hentai scene that occur so naturally will make you anger sometime
Tearful moment can make you haste to proceed the story or visit heroine’s route If you can guess what will be the topic for the true ending with just first chapter, this story can’t entertain you more
The development of love feeling for each heroines is unique You can’t enter a heroine route if she is chapter 2 or 3

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