[Game] Negai no Kakera to Hakugin Keiyakusha


Title : Negai no Kakera to Hakugin Keiyakusha
Original Title : 願いの欠片と白銀の契約者
Developer : Propeller
Anime : –
Manga : –
Prequel : –
Sequel : –
Release : 23 August 2013
Language : Japanese & English
Translator : Mangagamer
Content : 15+
Level Hentai : –


That was the day my whole world changed.

For as long as anyone knows, beings called “Puppets” have been an invisible part of our world. They operate in service of a force unknown, quietly manipulating the course of history. Hajiro Mina is an ordinary high-school girl and the protagonist of this story. One day, she has a chance encounter with one of these Puppets, setting her on a trajectory to meet three girls—and ultimately changing her life forever.

“You saw what happened yesterday, didn’t you?” asks Jessica, her voice calm but her glare penetrating.

“You either fight, or you die,” proclaims Yang as she forces a gun into Mina’s hands.

“This is your last chance to turn back,” says Riko, staring at her impassively.

The girls belong to an organization that specializes in the extermination of Puppets. They have been granted extraordinary powers by a doll named Ruka, and their job is to locate and eradicate the inhuman enemies lurking in the crowds. As Mina finds herself entangled in this supernatural conflict, it becomes clearer with each passing day that there are greater forces at play.

Source : Mangagamer

Name : Hajiro Mina (羽白 光奈)
Role : Protagonist
Description :
Fifteen years old, a first-year high-school student, and the story’s protagonist.

Mina is an ordinary girl attending a public school. Her father passed away when she was a child, and she was raised by her mother. Shortly after entering elementary school, she began helping her mother prepare food and do chores.

At a glance, Mina seems frail and delicate, stimulating the protective instincts of those around her, but at her core is an intractable spirit of innocence. This pureheartedness inspires trust in people she interacts with.

Mina has taken to visiting a doll gallery most days on her way home from school, and it is there she meets the Eidos called Ruka. Inadvertently resonating with Ruka, Mina becomes her fourth emissary and finds herself entangled in a conflict with the Puppets.

Name : Jessica Francois Magritte (ジェシカ・フランソワ・マグリット)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :
Ten years old, daughter of an English diplomat and a renowned French violinist.

She attends an international school not far from Mina’s high school.

Because her parents frequently travel out of the country, Jessica is a lonely girl who covets a more ordinary family. Consequently, she has a propensity to condescend to those around her.

She’s keenly perceptive to others’ emotions, often unconsciously empathizing with someone’s anxieties, loneliness, or other emotional distress.

She never seems able to express her empathy compassionately, however, which is a source of much of her frustration and self-loathing.

Name : Sumerami Riko (統神 璃子)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :
Sixteen years old, a first-year at the same school as Mina.

She has no parents and lives alone—save for one butler—in the largest, most historic mansion in the city.

Riko is a quiet girl, reclusive and disinterested in the world around her.
She expends no effort to make friends at school, and she actively avoids interacting with the other students.

A family secret seems to be at the heart of her antisocial tendencies, however.

Name : Yang Li-Ling (楊 麗鈴)
Role : Main Heroine
Description :
Twenty-one years old, owner of the best high-class Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, and member of a massive Chinese business conglomerate.

She is the only daughter of Yang Li-Fang (a.k.a. Grandma), owner and curator of the doll gallery Pygmalion. Her mother taught her the truth about the world from a young age, but an event in their past damaged their relationship, and presently, they are on less-than-friendly terms. As a result, she sometimes has trouble keeping her emotions in check.

Review :
Okay, now this is my first game from propeller. not Tokyo Babel or Sukimazakura? yes, that not because this game is my first shoujoAi genre too. Actually i like shoujoAi or Yuri genre and the best part is from their dialogue and expression. But this game will not give you that only.

Like you have been read at above description of the game, it is about dolls. If some game will said that God or the supreme existence from highest plane is a being that cannot be opposed, that being will be replaced by a doll in this game. The highest rank of the doll, Mima, is like a god and she have an army to annihilate other Mima to be the true god. Every Mima will represent a symbol from human belief like hate, love, war or something like that. The purpose from that Mima to make a better world and when human have some contradiction belief that will make the world died in the process, Mima will appear as a symbol from the strongest belief and their army will assemble automatically to join the forces. A human that join the forces will make a contract with Mima and that will be only the chosen one and must a female human. A male human still can join the forces but can’t fight properly with female humans that have been selected by Mima. A female human that have been selected by Mima will have a right to join the holy war and have a supernatural power that supplied from their respective Mima. Jessica, Riko and Yang is the chosen one and on the Ruka’s side. But that is different with Mina, she is a normal female high school student until she got involved by doll cases.

This game routes is unique, you can enter Jessica’s and Riko’s route to find their past or conclusion of the battle but when you enter Yang’s route you will know that this game is not just about shoujoAi only. And after you have been completed all heroines route now you will have a right to enter Mina’s route that will bring the true conclusion and a centered view of a concept. When you playing this game, just remember that Mina is your solution only to satisfied some plot holes from other routes. Btw if you have been completed Mina’s route you can unlock hidden story in common route.


The reason you must read this :

  1. Fan of Propeller’s game
  2. Want to know about love concept
  3. Have a passion with shoujoAi’s/Yuri’s dialogues/scenes
  4. Hanazawa Kana’s fan

The reason you must not read this :

  1. shoujoAi or Yuri genre is bad influence with heavy harem fan
  2. it is 15+ not 18+
  3. didn’t comprehend of doll concept
  4. expect shoujoAi/Yuri ending but meet completely different ending
Positive Negative
Good dialogue arrangement especially it lead to shoujoAi like dialogue The prologue is too heavy or strange for first fan of shoujoAi/Yuri games
The battle will not make disappointed Easy to dropped because slow start
The protagonist development from mental, power and past is good Heroine’s routes will be viewed from respective heroines
So many surprising event, especially with Mina’s route Heroine’s routes can be the cause of being dropped too because the content is not like what you expect at start
The usage of side characters is good and can affected to protagonist and main heroines It can be one of the best game from your list after you read a hard concept or boring dialogue of another game
Their heroines never fail to attract the reader to choose her with their personality, behavior, talk or past

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