[Anime] Tales of Zestria The X episode 25

[HorribleSubs] Tales of Zestiria the X - 25 [1080p].mkv_000048780

Finally the last episode of Tales of Zestria The X come out. Some of you must be restless because episode 24 before is make the battle and atmosphere of the story in high then make us waiting episode 25 in 2 weeks i think. Btw don’t read this article if you don’t want the spoilers of this episode

I don’t know how the ending in the game but when i see the last episode i always think “what the shit happened ?! why you must do this ?! is this a proper ending ?!” like that. Now this is main part of the review

  1. The battle of Sorey in highest armatization and Lord of Calamity is only to show how amazing ufotable is. I don’t hate it but at least do a proper battle for the last of the last. How do we know the difference of their ability with just showing their combination skills attack
  2. The conclusion when Sorey determine that he will seal Lord of Calamity in the deepest part of earth pulse together with him is brilliant but the way to do it is too simple without much effort
  3. The part where Edna’s older brother come to meet her is good but why he must in dragon form ? isn’t it mean that he still in his Malevolent form ? furthermore is it possible to Malevolent come back to their origin when the amount of Malevolent in the world decrease ?
  4. Alisha become take the throne and Rose become more beautiful with her long hair. Yeah this part didn’t have any problem, especially when Alisha make a peace agreement with neighbor countries. Rose become more aware with her surrounding especially with the seraphims. There are a scene where Alisha and Rose was cooking together and of course the result is at least still can be eaten despite it appearance. Oh and their friendship become more strong after the journey to defeat Lord of Calamity
  5. Lailah, Mikleo, Edna and Zaveid was walking in their path. Lailah make a contract with new Shepherd (i think), Mikleo was doing a journey to the rest of ruins so he can boast them to Sorey when he come back again, Edna was waiting her older brother at that place where her older brother become dragon while she was eating the offerings for the Seraphims, and Zaveid do nothing except accompany Edna when she was talking to her older brother
  6. The last of the last is Sorey come back again and make a contact with Mikleo from their sub pact. In this part we can see a deep friendship from both of them

If we seen again from episode 1 until 25, we can do re-watch again and it worth to do it. Because the atmosphere and the meaning of their story can keep up the lack of serious battle scenes. But if you dislike how they animate their battle scenes either how they do a battle or how short the battle is it, you can give it a 7 of 10 i think. For me, i will give 9 of 10 if not the last episode so now become 8 of 10. Is this score is too high or too low for you ? let me know your opinions then in the comment section


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