[Game] Senren * Banka


Title : Senren * Banka
Original Title : 千恋*万花
Developer : Yuzusoft
Anime : –
Manga : Senren Banka
Prequel : –
Sequel : –
Release :14 October 2016
Language : Japanese
Translator : –
Content : 18+
Level Hentai : Moderate


The village of Hoori lies deep in the middle of the mountains, inaccessible by rail.
Since there isn’t much interaction with its surroundings, the town seems like it is stuck in the past.
However, it is because of this exact olden feel and subsequent development that it has turned into a nice hot-springs town for tourists.

One of the popular sightseeing spots is the legendary katana Murasamemaru, embedded in stone.
No one has been able to pull it out… until Masaomi somehow broke it in half.
He has to take responsibility for his actions: “Marriage” with ‘shrine maiden princess’ Yoshino!?
He was perplexed at the unexpected turn of events, but this is only just the beginning.
What lies ahead for him is a much more peculiar and mysterious life, including his new fiancée, a mysterious girl who only he could touch, and the secret behind the curse that remains on the town.

What will become of Masaomi’s love amidst his rapidly changing life? The answer lies within the Murasamemaru in his hands

Source : VNDB

Name : Arichi Masaomi (有地 将臣)
Role : Protagonist
A young man who visited Hoori village because his mom said so. At first, he just visiting Hoori to help his grandpa for the jobs. But his purpose changed because he had been pulled out Murasamemaru and must to be responsible of it

Name : Tomokake Yoshino (朝武 芳乃)
Role : Main Heroine
A shrine maiden princess at Hoori
She looked have serious personality and cool looking, in fact she is not a cold person. She is a temperamental person, there are many childish part too. She looked doing something with passionate, in fact that she can distracted by something so an easy things can be missed too

Name : Hitachi Mako (常陸 茉子)
Role : Main Heroine
a girl that have been grown to take care of a shrine maiden princess. Doing works earnestly, it doesn’t mean that have a serious personality. Make a fun, doing pranks, and have mischievous personality. On the other side she is a shy person, as a girl she is weak with praised by another

Name : Murasame (ムラサメ)
Role : Main Heroine
A manager of god sword Murasamemaru
Usually, she look like a child and lively, but have mature like on the other side. In fact that she is coward and weak with ghosts. She have been exist as a soul that have been passed several century and can’t seen by another normal humans

Name : Lena Liechtenauer (レナ リヒテナウアー)
Role : Main Heroine
A transfer student that come from foreign country
Cheerful, honest and kind, always like a lively girl. Good or bad, she have a straight forward personality. Even if she face a difficult problem, she will not discouraged. “I will work more hard than before” and so she will stand again with a positive feeling that she have

Name : Kurama Koharu (鞍馬 小春)
Role : Main Heroine
A female cousin of protagonist and one year below girl. Have a cheerful and kind personality, but harsh with her real older brother, Kurama Rentarou. She was doing a part time at Sweets Shop

Name : Maniwa Roka (馬庭 芦花)
Role : Main Heroine
Have been played together with protagonist from child, an older woman. Have been graduated from school, manage a Sweets shop from her family. She have been doing like an older woman but didn’t have any romantic experience

Review :
The latest release from Yuzusoft and the setting is more good than previous releases. Senren * Banka is a game that using old Japan atmosphere but still have some modern cultures. Their main feature is a god sword, Murasamemaru and Curse. So when you read this, expect a funny at start and become serious until finished common route then just cry when you enter their heroine routes. Why ? it is simple, because this is Yuzusoft that we talking about. The conclusion is depend on the heroine you choose and every heroines is represented by how much they contributed in common route and how BIG their oppai. ehem, that is not a joke, seriously. Oh, when you finished at least one route, you can feast your eye in their after story. Every heroine have their own after story but don’t expect too much

Their route branching is easy and more usable than their old games, that is a tree route. It is mean that every choice is represented by a big tree and you can trace it or do jumping without read the story that you have been read before. Easy right ? but not just that, the tree route is divided by their role like tree route for common route and tree route for heroine routes. If you want to know what timing is that choice, you can see the preview of dialogue in left box from tree route so don’t worry if you miss something.

The order to read their story is like this : Murasame -> Mako -> Yoshino -> Lena -> Koharu / Roka. btw Koharu and Roka is a main heroine that don’t participate too much in common route so don’t expect too high for their route.


The reason you must read this :

  1. Fan of Yuzusoft’s game
  2. Always expect a balance story
  3. Have a passion with sword, legend or supernatural phenomena in Japan
  4. Gyuunyuu/Oppai lovers

The reason you must not read this :

  1. Hate with discrimination story based on their heroines
  2. Hate with anti climax conclusion or dissatisfied with their endings
  3. Boring development after passed common route or half first in heroine routes
  4. Junk or useless main characters
  5. You disgusted with any variance of big boobs :v
Positive Negative
Nice arrangement in prologue The story conclusion is too based on heroines
Main heroines personality will not bored you You can drop this game if you can’t endure their boring flow in the story
The protagonist can adapt with his environment Their after story is too focus on hentai scene
Nice CG and many important events have their own CG There are little hope for Roka and Koharu route
Their variance of jokes or sudden events will surprise you and sometime make you laugh It can be your first choice to read but not if you want to reread again
Their heroines never fail to attract the reader to choose her with their personality, behavior, talk or past

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