[Game] Kikouyoku Senki Gin no Toki no Corona


Title : Kikouyoku Senki Gin no Toki no Corona
Original Title : 輝光翼戦記 銀の刻のコロナ
Developer : Eternal
Anime : –
Manga : –
Prequel : –
Sequel : Kikouyoku Senki Gin no Toki no Corona -Fortune Dragon’s-
Release : 16 December 2011
Language : Japanese
Content : 18+
Level Hentai : Moderate


Odagiri Touka is a normal high student. He have an ability that can sense Shinya (True Night), a space that created from light. Someday Touka meet a mysterious girl inside that place. Her name is Amatsu Tokino, same like Touka, she have an ability to sense Shinya. And then someday, a women falling down from the sky in front of Touka. Her name is Myurial. Doesn’t have any place and have mysterious personality, she hand over a girl to Touka and Tokino. That girl’s name is Korona. One of the dragon that can destroy a world when they growth to mature. But now she is just an innocent girls.

“This world will meet many destruction afterwards. If Korona have been raised well, maybe the destruction can be avoided”

With Myurial’s word and Korona that hand over to him, Touka can’t oppose the fate that have been decided. With that feeling in his heart, the time of Odagiri Touka and Korona started spinning


Name : Odagiri Touka
Role : Protagonist
Race : Hybrid of Half Human Half Devil
Ability : Sharing

Kouga School, 2nd year student. Protagonist from this story.
From young, he have a dream that he must fight to protect the world repeatedly, always think that he have a special ability, then declare it on surrounding people. At sometime, when he sense a space named Shinya, and awaken the power to defeat the monsters that appear from that, then he reconsideration what he was doing until now and live without attraction attention.
That sharp gaze always make his surrounding people think that he was “a weird person” and “a scary person”.
With that consciousness, he always positive and have a full confidence.
Because he just have awaken his power, his battle power is low but his sense for Shinya is the most strong from anyone. The meet with Tokino, Korona and Myurial, make his fate have a big change.
Source : eternal-will


Name : Korona
Role : Main Heroine
Race : Immature Dragon
Ability : High Battle Ability, Dragon Form

From Myurial, “i want her to raised well”, with that word she was hand over her to Touka, a dragon girl.
As Touka’s little sister for a fake role, she have a fake front name as 五六七. She can make Touka’s and Tokino’s heart become calm, and in the midnight always sneak up to Touka’s or Tokino’s room to sleep together.
Her personality is innocence and honest, anyways she is can make ease their heart.
It said that when she grown and become silver dragon, she have a power that can destroy the world. Currently she have a high battle ability and targeted by someone that want her ability. How she live together with many people and mature ?
Source : eternal-will


Name : Amatsu Tokino
Role : Main Heroine
Race : Hybrid of Half Human Half Devil
Ability : Turn Over Time

Kouga School, 3rd year student.
Amatsu Family is a family that have a role to save the world, Tokino who have a relationship with them always train herself to fight in Shinya. Ryuugoji is a temple that have been used by her to live together with her comrade.
Live normal as student, her appearance is good and she good to take a care her comrade, because of that she was yearning by many students.  Her personality is very serious and her tone is strict but she always think about her comrade. She usually care about other’s feeling but she weak to romance things. Even when that is about other people or herself, she was easy to get panicked.
From young, she was prepared her battle ability and always training until now.

Source : eternal-will


Name : Myurial
Role : Main Heroine
Race : Godlike Person
Ability : ???

One day she appear from the sky and hand over Korona to Touka and Tokino then tell them to take care well before she growth to mature. After that moment, her life in Ryuugoji is be like an useless/jobless person. Sometime she will tease Touka with her body or ease his heart when he was in trouble with something.
Even she is very troublesome, sometime her charm can’t be grasp. Its like she have a big mystery

Source : eternal-will

Review :
wow, if you look closely you will find that our characters have different races and our developer now is eternal (if you have been played yumina before). The most difficult from this game is their Battle System. When you do searching in google to find the most easy to comprehend tutorial, most likely you find nothing. That is for the Battle System and for the story you will find it have good comedy and sometime they will make you awkward because their dialogue. btw this game and Yumina have shared characters at first but their purpose will be different.

Now i will explain shortly for it Battle System:

  1. Barrier : in this case, barrier is like a HP bar but in multiple bar that you should defeated. All your characters only have 1 barrier and the enemy will have more than yours. For the enemy’s barriers, if you have been destroyed it the next barrier will have more HP than before
  2. MP : MP is not Mana Point but Mesh Point (メシアポイント) that you will used to active a skill. In every turn you will recover much MP if you not any skill that using MP but you still can’t recover MP from being attacked by Boss. Your maximum MP is 99 and sometime you will get negative MP if your skill consume more than you have now. If your skill have been success to activate without care if it give damage or disabled enemy skills or heal your ally, your MP will be decreased
  3. Skill : skills in this game have 2 main categories, order skill (オーダースキル) and reaction skill (リアクションスキル). Basically, order skill is a skill that you use to attack the enemy and reaction skill a countermeasure for their attack or to support your order skill. Order skills have a skill that consume zero MP and sometime it will consume until 60 MP (with assumption that 20 MP is used for one of three enemy). But reverse with order skill, reaction skill will consume your MP as long as it had been success to activate their effect. If your skill have damage point then it must be have affinity attack so you must carefully to use the skills
  4. Affinity : affinity is like elements relationship where fire is more strong than ice but more weak with water. in this case, your characters have a barrier that will equipped with 5 affinity (fire, ice, nature, darkness, light). So this is possible that your barrier will weak with ice and nature element, resistance with fire and darkness element, but normal with light. btw for the enemy, their barrier affinity will changed every time you destroyed their barrier.
  5. Item skill : item skill is a item to learn new skill and can only used when you are not in the battle. skill that have been you learned can’t be erased so carefully to read it description buddy~~
  6. LP : LP is Life Point or more likely a chance to survive after their barriers have been destroyed. Normally an order skill will have 1 attack but the others sometime have multiple attack or even through their barriers (yes, it is possible). btw multiple attack is not dangerous when your barrier still up but when destroyed, good luck


Item & Skill Tutorial

Battle Tutorial

The reasons you must read this:

  1. You have an interest into their battle system
  2. You didn’t want any complicated story
  3. You like the world where magic and sword in a certain of battlefield is common where the common people didn’t know it
  4. You like funny situations that can decreasing heavy atmosphere in the story
  5. You want to see death or desperate situations in story or battles

The reasons you must not read this:

  1. You hate being stalled in battles for a long time but very curious with the story
  2. You hate their battle system
  3. You hate being acknowledge by others to have multiple girlfriends in another timeline
  4. Your favorite heroines is not main heroines or focus of the story
Positive Negative
Interesting story development Steins;gate with magic and sword concept
Have much uncertain elements in the story Too much confusing situations where the protagonist do a sex with the side heroines
Nice concept of characters and races Sometime you will meet the end of route without knowing that that is the end of route
Colaborate nicely with previous game Their battle system can make you retire from this game without knowing the ending

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