New Author here!!! (╯°□°)╯︵( .O.)

Hi I’m New author on this site. my Name is aqualaguna and Loki is my college friend.

BTW I’m Mainly in Charge on Review on Light Novel, Web Novel, and Chinese Novel.

I’m no saint either. i will review all novel good or bad.

For good start, I wish this site is getting more visitor than ever . <(_ _)>

if there more visitor my friend loki Maybe will rethink on rehost the site on .com site so the bandwith not limited with free account.

Adios Big Brother

Bye Bye

Adios Big Brother …. lol


See you in next post


note : btw in featured image is my favorite anime Kuroko no Basuket. watch it to welcome to moesakura army



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