Hello guys, my name is Loki and i’m the admin in Moe Sakura. This page have been established last night and still need some filling so don’t hope too much. If you have been like my page in facebook before, you will know what is the main purpose this page. But if not then i will tell you all again. The purpose of this web have been created is to make a simple web for us (you know what i mean) so we can access our favorite anime, manga, light novel, web novel and visual novel more easy. Some web have been created something like this but more focus with what they will show to us. Personally i create this web in general and more fast to make you more easy to search what you want to know.

Now i will tell you how to use this web more effective. Because it is still new, you won’t get any awesome effect, feature, widget or even live chat.

First you use our “Main Category” to search what kind of category you want to know and after you decide the category, i give you 2 choice: Information and Review. Information will lead you to a page that give you all the list that i have know. If you click one of the links, you will leaded in a page that contain an “information” about that subject only. And Review is same like Information, you can get “my review”. But you won’t be worried if you must open too much tab because you don’t know what you will search, because all page will linked each other depend that is from Information or Review.

“Loki, i see ‘Upcoming Release’ or ‘Under Construction’ when i open xx page. What is that mean?”, when you see that two title it have different meaning. Upcoming Release is mean that that page will get the content if a related subject have been aired or released. Under Construction is mean that that page in maintenance, so you must be patience because i will not give a notice when that page can you access again

And i will tell you that this page have some “bonus” about Artist and Culture. So if i have a time, i will make a post for that content

Last, when you make a comment in a page or a post, it doesn’t mean that i can make a fast reply so don’t bother to wait my reply and thank you for reading my long long long first post


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